belief led branding

It has been a great three months for me at RED. I have been involved in some of the biggest pitches of my career during these last three months. The reason can clearly be attributed to the fact that agency on record pitches are inherently bigger than activation pitches which are mostly campaign specific. One of the biggest reasons why they have gone so well is because of the kind of confidence that the management has put into me in particular and the strategic planning function in particular.

My confidence got quite a boost when I got the go ahead of hiring two new people into my team. So I’m looking forward to some great things in the very near future. Already, I’m on my way to Kabul to pitch to a huge Afghan brand. If things materialize, this would be a huge win for RED as we would prove out metal for the first time in the international domain. And with the addition of Nestle Pure life in the RED portfolio, things are looking very promising.

Over the past 3 months, the learnings that I have been able to gain from the advertising domain have made an exponential leap on my personal growth and the feel-good factor is almost contagious in the organization.

There could not be a moment better than this, than to talk about a topic I have been wanting to write about quite some time. Backed by 3 pitches which have increased belief in the theory, I believe that it is now, that I can do better justice to the topic at hand.

Believing in something is the greatest endowment that man can have. It has been the single biggest factor in the history of mankind leading to change and bringing stability to life. Backed by belief, man has been able to overcome the greatest of obstacles and do the most extra ordinary of feats. Belief has led to war, harbored love and hatred, manifested peace and made and shattered dynasties.

From a branding point to view, the society has a huge part to play in shaping them and as we evolve, brands have to follow suit. But mega brands, are brands which in-turn shape society in this interconnected world. In a world of global brands, brands have to stand for some core human value than just fulfill the needs of the direct consumer. No longer can they be based on a shallow reason for existence. Only brands which can harness the power of belief would be able to survive in the long run. With religion playing a smaller and smaller part in our lives by the day and losing relevance in all quarters of the society, it would be up to brands to harbor the community effect ad bring mankind on a single platform. Now brands have to show how they create a win-win for the society rather than fulfill a shallow, instantly gratifying need of the consumer. In times of extreme transparency, brands cannot afford to exploit its stakeholders and blindly support their stockholders. The values that the brand stands for need to be meticulously communicated and inculcated into every person in the value chain. The brand needs to walk the talk now more than ever before and incorporate that core human value that it stands for into every action communicated through the brand. The consumers of today are too educated and informed to buy in to the hollow claims made by the brands of yesteryear. Buy-in from every stake holder is important as just about any one from the value chain, from a disgruntled employee to an unhappy supplier can play havoc with the brand imagery by being a spokesperson on the media and give the PR agencies are run for their money.

The best thing about belief led branding and basing your brand on a core human value is that it makes everything very simple. The BP beyond petroleum tagline simply communicates a powerful message across all stakeholders and unites them under one umbrella. From portfolio thinking to internal and external communication to PR, everything falls into place without losing consistency. And if the brand is based on a core human value then it can never lose relevance with the consumer. Those core human values will always remain true, only their manifestations would change with the changing consumer.

Belief led branding is a concept of the future and brands which can begin to invest in the concept from now will certainly make huge in-roads in building a community of very loyal consumers, something which would be difficult to break by brands of the future.


~ by illuxon on February 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “belief led branding”

  1. It’s fascinating, because there’s reality, and then there’s belief. And belief changes everything.

  2. […] I wrote about the same topic way back in 2008 during my first quarter in mainstream advertising . Back then, I had just recently read a great but often understated book on branding: Passion […]

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