moving on…

On 20th November 2007, I made my second move towards what I really want to do in life. Generally people don’t get it as easily. Most people end up living their whole lives making compromises, killing their dreams and ignoring the voice within to get something which they don’t really want. They just have to make do because of the circumstances that they find themselves in. I find myself lucky to have spent the right amount of time in the right place and left at exactly the right time. Had I made a hasty decision an year ago, I might have compromised my position in the industry.

Strategic planning is something that I had always wanted to do. In my initial years at Contact Plus, I got a taste of brand planning on Ufone which remained the single best period of my stay in the company. A couple of things that worked for me was that I got to work with some amazing people. People who were willing to take you along with them even though you were just a kid and didn’t add value for a long period of time. People who selflessly wanted you to grow and learn something. But at the same time, I think I made their life easier by being the attentive student, hanging on to each word and also having real passion. But I think that passion is within every one of us. Its how someone can be inspired to think in a particular way. And I must say I have been inspired for life now. I know what I want to do with life and where I want to be in the future. Ofcourse, there will be obstacles, and the environment could change everything but somehow I believe that if your vision is set upon a particular facet of core human value, the path to that vision might change but not the vision itself. Human values, beliefs and drivers remain the same wherever we go, whatever we do. These are engrained into the system that the world works on. If these values failed to be relevant, it could endanger the existence of the human race altogether.

Some of my best memories at Contact Plus have been associated with working on projects like Shell: Project Guinness, Ufone: Repositioning Strategy, Telenor: Activation Pitch, Walls: War Games, Cornetto: Canteen Kahani and Engro Foods Agency on Record Pitch.

I have moved to RED Communication Arts, a mid sized ad agency based out of Lahore. I am heading their strategic planning department which is still quite raw. Already I have had to give priority to work than analyze the systems and suggest improvements. The top three goals in my head would always remain business building, brand building and organizational capacity building. I think business building always follows brand building because people always like to buy products or work with brands which radiate a positive aura. Organizational capacity building requires a lot of foresight, imagination and belief in your own skills. In the service industry people are your biggest assets and building capacity helps you stay ahead of the times and at the same time helps you flaunt your people to build the brand.

As of right now cybernet is our biggest account in Karachi and my first pitch was a huge strategy led creative exercise for engro foods. Meanwhile a lot of stuff is in the pipeline and I really need to get going on the organization development plan.


~ by illuxon on December 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “moving on…”

  1. best of luck at the new place…

  2. well i must say im inspired.. dunno why but i feel better after readin this. five mins ago i was freaked out abt an interview that means alot to me but now i’m in a much better mental state.. thanks:)

  3. I am glad I stumbled onto your blog.
    A wonderful read, this post.
    And good luck with your journey through the potentially wonderful world of advertising.

  4. Hi,

    Best of luck, remember me in your prayers

    Your fan

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