cornetto girl, where are you

The cornetto girl campaign has finally come to an end. Even thoughi feel that its effects would continue to spread it is pretty safe now to bring to light whatever conspired in the campaign.

When we first received the brief for the campaign in October of 2006, we would never have thought that we would end up doing such a wacky and totally out of this world project. But thanks to the total support of the then brand manager (farah anwar) and the beautiful follow through by the now marketing manager (mona hussain) for walls we were able to see it through to completion having made countless learning’s along the way


As per the objectives we went about solving two key challenges.


  • Enhance the connection between teenage infatuation and cornetto
  • Break through the clutter without spending a fortune on media


The idea was to go ahead with a concept which would create talkability on its own and enhance the media ROI. The concept centered on a pseudo reality mystery based on the life the cornetto consumer.


“a guy sees a girl in his college for the first time eating a cornetto and instantly falls in love with her. The girl disappears a couple of days later before the guy has had a chance to make an impression on her. The guy, in desperation goes on to develop a whole ad campaign to track her down, bringing the whole country in on the search…”


This concept was then put on relevant media. From a 12 episode drama serial to creating hype on blogs and social networks to virally generated sms’s/emails we virtually exhausted all youth centric media. Even radio was used to insert ideas, theories, hoaxes about story through RJ chit chat. Seeded content generated to destabilize the theories in the drama helped keep the mystery alive through spoof videos.


Some of the ideas that never saw the light of day, was a specialized documentary, t-shirts and bumper stickers, sarmad appearing on begum nawazish ali’s show to clear out his position and sarmad’s car seen on the roads of the 3 metros with cool art work to help him find his cornetto girl. We even thought of having a PR leg to the campaign as well with articles in images and the magazine talking about the cornetto girl phenomenon.


All in all, this was a huge win for contact plus as we showed that well-established brands can come up with new ideas to reinvigorate their brand presence.




~ by illuxon on November 6, 2007.

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