winning gold is not everything

Yesterday was a big day in the history of my career. We presented the review of activations with EFL for 2007 and discussed the way forward for 2008. The review was presented to the whole marketing team of EFL with all the brand managers and group brand managers led by the director marketing.

There were no surpsrises in the review but by the end of it Ali Akbar’s review and way forward really brought flavor to the meeting. The first comment he made¬†really took us by surprise. Saying something like ‘contact plus is our best business partner’ infront of a group of BM’s and GBM’s who are the custodians of their respective business partners uplifted our spirits. He then upped the ante by proposing a long term strategic partnership between contact plus and engro foods which would help the whole activation setup to grow as contact plus and engro foods invests heavily in bringing more professioanlism in the industry and also in investing more on key activation mediums ahead of the changing media scenerio of the country.

The meeting at one end made my spirits soar very high but at the same time, put question marks in my head. Being the lead strategic planner for EFL even before a single brand was luanched two years ago, and now moving away to Red Communications later this month, i would have to let go of working with a group which has all the potential of the world to become Pakistan’s first corporate brand to enter the gloabal arena. But more about my move in a later blog…


~ by illuxon on November 3, 2007.

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