Fall of Traditional Media

“don’t count the ones you reach, reach the ones who count” 

Soemthing that has come as an insight over the past one week working on the cornetto viral plan is how screwed up our media landscape really is. The way things work here and the structure of media is so ad hoc, it pisses me off no end. I plan to meet up with a media plannner from either mindshare or media comm next week to understand how they really go about things

So what i have realized is that the media landscape has changed over the past few years but our media agencies have not really geared up for the change.

  • Dwindling attention spans of the consumer
  • Cosumers in control (DVR, Online Media)
    • There is lots more choice
  • The battle is no more for reach but for impact and relevance
    • It doesnt matter whether your particular consumer is watching, it is more about what they are watching

A couple of recent articles on the millward brown blog really told me a lot of viral marketing and why it works compared to the traditional aproach of media planning. Now, when the media is the message, viral marketing uses media relevacne to drive home the message. This paper on the millward brown blog talks about the research done on neuroscience to discover how we react and structure information and how, when and what impact ads have on our lives based on their timing and media used.

 Only today, someone in the marketing 360 group pointed out that they saw a telenor ad on cartoon network. now that is down right stupid even if you discount the fact that telenor has blind money to throw around on the media. and there were yet others right there in the stooopid hall of fame who tried justifying the idea by saying that telenor wants to target its consumers early on.

Researching viral marketing i came across this brilliant resource that should be bookmarked by all aspiring planners out there. http://www.imediaconnection.com/

 Tagged below is the initial buildup of the cornetto viral plan. Ofcourse i have not been able to disclose the idea but the buildup does take you through the world of viral marketing. It also shows how strongly we have to end up sell viral marketing ideas to this part of the world. I’m glad the cornetto brand team has had the gutts to go forward with this campaign.

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~ by illuxon on May 31, 2007.

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