Global Agencies in the Third World

Recently a question posted on an advertising forum on orkut made me realize quite a lot about the global advertising scene and how Pakistan fits into the whole picture. The recent introduction of O&M into the advertising scene has been quite an eye opener at least for me. Just rummaging through the list of the largest agencies in the world I was quite shocked to see that there is little or no presence of some of the largest agencies in the world in Pakistan. Arguably the largest agency in the country is ranked below 10 in the world. JWT, Mindshare and O&M are three largest WPP companies and the parent companies have huge stakes in these in Pakistan. The rest of the agencies are just affiliates with little or no systems adherence and trainings to their parent companies. The only benefit is the automatic acquisition of globally aligned business. Now that O&M has made the move and WPP has become so much stronger in Pakistan, I’m beginning to think, what the Omnicom group is doing sitting on its ass. Apart from BBDO (or is it TBWA) there is no real strength of the Omnicom group in Pakistan.

Check out the global revenue + family trees of the top agencies of the world at AdAge here.


~ by illuxon on January 30, 2007.

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