Media led activations 1

The start of the year is hard for a strategic planner. The planner role automatically qualifies him to work till the wee hours of the mornings on most occasions during these harsh winter months. This year has been tougher than usual because most of our clients have realized the importance of brand activation early on and have included it in their brand plans from the beginning. It feels good to muster the kind of respect that we have expected from the industry from the very beginning.

This year brand activation has taken on a new role all together. We have been getting briefs left and right and center on media led activations. To tell you the inside story, right now we have already pitched and won 4 media led activations. Lost one, which our competitor is doing and there are at least 3 others in the pipeline. With so many reality shows in the making, I fear for the worst in the coming days. Hopefully there would be some good ones soon. Apart from George ka Pakistan, nothing has caught my fancy yet. A lot of programs tried working on existing models picked up from the west but just weren’t able to give it the kind of media backing or 360 support that is required to increase the talkability of the campaign. Of the 4 media led campaigns that we even we are doing, I’m not too confident of at least 3 of then, but one of them is like a baby to me. Nursing and feeding it for the past 4 months, we are having some really good feelings about this campaign. I guess the credit very well goes to the brand manager who has been ultra cooperative in going ahead with some of the wild ideas that we presented.



~ by illuxon on January 11, 2007.

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