Third day of Eid

First day after Eid. Lots of stuff going on at the same time at work. We had pitched and won the biggest activation for 2007 for cornetto last week. The high came because we took it right from the jaws of Bulls Eye. I liked the idea that they gave of Ace of Hearts and also the one by mindshare “dil hai kay pighalta nahi” but the reason we walked away with the prized bull was the depth in which we went to and came up with ideas on totally new mediums, mediums very true to the consumer we were targeting. Also, Ali having attended the brand sense symposium gave us some very nice insights on how to tackle a campaign as big as this. The feeling of having nailed a 360 campaign is very refreshing. I believe that this also paved way for a brief for Moo on an activation to be done in may of 2007.


Anyways, third day of Eid, cartoon network school contact program was at the top of the agenda. By the end of the day, the telecon with karan made everything fall into place. Pretty simple stuff, but I like the idea of how they are using media led activation to change how cartoon networks’ most watched segment of toonami is being presented. More on that later on when the campaign rolls out.

On the same theme, Khizar called up from
London and needed ideas on the thesis he is going to write. With thoughts of media led activations already at the top of mind and having dismissed a job offer at AAG TV, I was first to recommend the same theme. I’m surprised how much of mass mediums like TV are transforming from passive to more active mediums.


Around the corner is stuff for Olpers and the two new brands in the pipeline, also some consumer relationship stuff for which I need to come up with ideas till Monday. Shell and UBL are gearing for something big and I can see some big outsourcing long term projects in 2007 for Contact Plus. I’m just hoping Imtiaz from Ogilvy Landscape
India can provide me with something to work on for Shell.


The activation conference is slowly becoming the talk of the town. I think the team is doing a great job on marketing the conference and people from TetraPak, Reckitt, Warid and Shell have already registered. It’s a cool 360 campaign though I have reserved my thoughts on the creativity of the message being delivered, but what excites me is that people in the industry are taking Activation seriously and somthing


~ by illuxon on October 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Third day of Eid”

  1. I’m ex-Levers (foods). Are you with Contact Plus then? or IGS? Those are the only two I could think of when you talk about the scale you do in this post.

  2. oh cool. were you in marketing? i’m a strategist with contact plus. i have interacted a bit with foods (walls, rafhan, energile) but our paths probably never crossed.
    what do u do now?

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