When you touch something a part of you fuses with the object being touched. It’s not just the fingerprints that you leave on the object, but a part of you that rubs onto the object, leaving it ‘transformed’ for all time to come. In the space-time continuum, the moment is lost in the depths of a black hole for ever, nothing since that moment would ever be the same again.

Fusion is a two-way process. It’s like “when you look into the abyss, the abyss too looks into you”. The metamorphis of a touch leaves an eternal footprint on the sands of your soul. However much you try to whisk it away, a part of that object follows you wherever you go, ticking away, making you feel of its existence every moment of your life. If only you could realize…


This Metamorphis is at the very core of what we call ‘being alive’ and knowing, deep in our hearts, that we really are….


This blog is about objects, animate or inanimate that touch me and somehow transform me from who I was before that moment.


~ by illuxon on July 10, 2006.

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